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Getting Involved

Not everyone gets involved in the same way. Check out some of the many ways you can encourage our "Kids" and Youth in Bible Study:

Register a Team

Coaching a Bible Quiz Team is a tremendously rewarding ministry to young people. One gets much more from the experience than given! Download registration form and come to the upcoming quiz.

to the SBQL Team Registration Form

Volunteer Your Time

You can volunteer a few hours once in a while, or several hours regularly! We are in need of folks who will help with transporting young people to tournaments monthly, helping with practices weekly. We also have special projects you can be on call for. When the project leader needs volunteers, they will call you and if you are available GREAT! If not, we'll call again!

Whether you have a little or a lot of time to devote to this ministry, you are valued and needed!

Serve at Upcoming Event(s)

Tournaments, camp and practice activities are a great way to get people involved and help them come to understand this ministry that changes lives!

Our next event will be a our SBQL Season Tournament. There will be scholarships available for students who wish to take a written quiz to compete for them. More information available by contacting

SBQL Quiz director

Volunteer to PRAY

Many ministries are beginning this fall and we need help praying for these leaders and youth involved! If you would like to join our directors to pray for each new and existing ministry leadership and team, please contact us!


Enjoy Lifelong Friendships

Kids Quizzing helps create a love for God's Word!

Make a Donation

Contributions to Shenandoah Bible Quiz League are tax deductible and currently are going to fund a scholarship pool for grades 6 thru 12 for outstanding Bible Study and retention on this year's material - ACTS.

Scholarships available will be directly related to the amount of funds brought in this year for this purpose!

If you would like more information regarding this fund, please contact Freda Hubert @ 540/342-0683 or our District Office @ 540/366-4406

Email: SBQL Email

District Office