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Wesleyan Bible Bowl News

YOU make a difference in the lives of Kids & Youth

October 9, 2006

Updated WBB rules for season 2006-2007 are now available. major changes include:
. . . . .Eligibility: friends from other churches (and denominations) who do not have a Bible Quiz Ministry at their church may be "adopted" on a standing WBB team.
. . . . .Team Size: A minimum of only 2 constitutes a team that may compete! Team maximum size is 6.
. . . . .Coaches: The word "adult" has been removed from the official description of a coach. Have a mature Bible Studier Student who wants to lead the team!? Go for it!
. . . . .Questions: Round questions will be 60% General, 20% Quotation/Quotation completion, etc and 20%According to. Official Competition Questions will be secured through YouthQuiz.com by District, Area and National directors for their respective tournaments.

Please contact me if you have not received an email containing these WBB updated rules! /fph

September 24, 2006

The WBB National Quiz Council will have rules for the 2006-2007 season ready to distribute to teams October 1, 2006. You will be able to download these from the New Official WBB Website @ http://teenquizzing.com , or @ http://wbbquiz.org

Two major changes already passed are eligibility and team size! EXCITING changes that make it EASIER to have a BIBLE BOWL TEAM @ YOUR CHURCH!

Check back soon for the details!

September 1, 2006

As a District Director under our new leadership, one of my responsibilities is to form a District Council. The 06/07 District Council will be made up of local WBB and Friends of WBB directors of Kids and Teen Quizzing along with members at large who may be Student or Children Pastors, Leaders, or Parents who want to promote Bible Study and Christian Fellowship in God's Word through this ministry.

AUGUST 15, 2006

Shenandoah District WBB Board of Ministerial Development Scholarships to Wesleyan Colleges will be awarded at the District Level in 2007 to the top students completing a 100 question written quiz on the book of ACTS and scoring at least 75% correct (up to 10). Students do not have to be a member of a "local" team. Questions will have varying point values determined by the complexity of the question. MORE INFO to come!